• We deliver superior, comprehensive employment litigation services

    Our employment law focus allows us to provide exceptional, targeted litigation services across a range of single and multiple plaintiff actions:

    • Breach of contract
    • Class actions
    • Defamation
    • Discrimination
    • Harassment
    • PAGA actions
    • Pay equity
    • Privacy
    • Retaliation
    • Trade secrets
    • Trials and appeals
    • Unfair competition
    • Wage and hour
    • Whistleblower
    • Wrongful termination


    We evaluate each case with the goal of achieving a fast, fair resolution, and we have a strong track record of winning on summary judgment. But, we also won’t shy away from taking a case through trial. In fact, we’re often the go-to team when counsel at other firms lack trial experience.

    Whatever the game plan, we partner with you and litigate with your business goals in mind—making sure you understand the risks and benefits associated with our recommended strategy every step of the way.

    Competitive rates. Alternative and value-based billing arrangements. Expertise and technology to navigate the most complex projects. It all adds up to your advantage.

    For more information, contact Michele Ballard Miller

    We offer expertise at every phase of employment litigation—in California and Federal courts

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  • From opening statements to closing arguments, we’re with you all the way

    We approach every case as though it will go to trial. So we’re ready if it does. We know what motivates and moves juries, and we prepare our legal arguments and evidentiary record with that perspective.

    • Our trial lawyers have decades of experience successfully defending employers in jury and bench trials
    • Our lead trial attorney, a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates, has tried over 40 cases to verdict


    Our appellate practice, led by a certified appellate specialist who has handled over 200 appeals and writs, is unmatched by most firms with California employment law practice groups. Even while a case is in trial,
    our appellate team appropriately preserves all appellate issues by:

    • Working collaboratively with our trial group
    • Protecting the record and analyzing cutting-edge legal issues
    • Preparing and defending post-trial and dispositive motions when an appeal is likely to occur


    Our appellate team can preserve a trial victory—or overturn an adverse judgment—starting with evaluating the chance of success on appeal, to drafting briefs that take full advantage of the appellate record, applicable standards of review, and substantive law.

    For more information, contact Oswald Cousins or Joseph Mascovich

    Our dedicated trial & appellate teams have a long record of success in the courtroom

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  • We provide extensive resources and pragmatic strategies for complex cases

    Class actions, PAGA actions, and other collective actions—challenging wage and hour practices, independent contractor classification, background checks, and more—are being filed at a record pace. And, they pose a significant, costly risk to your business.

    We have a solid track record of successfully managing all stages of class and collective action litigation:

    • Defeating class certification
    • Disqualifying class representatives
    • Managing expansive electronic databases
    • Resisting overbroad discovery demands
    • Negotiating favorable settlements in even the most complex cases
    • Winning summary judgment
    • Trying multiple individual claims when class certification has been defeated


    We hit the ground running with a game plan that recognizes your business imperatives and operational needs. This could mean diving directly into trial preparation, working toward summary judgment, or defeating class certification. Or, if we recognize potential liability, we’ll launch early and aggressive settlement negotiations.

    Whichever is the right way to go, our team will reduce your risk and maximize the likelihood of a favorable resolution.

    For more information, contact Michele Ballard Miller or Oswald Cousins

    Applying an individual claim to multiple employees over several years can result in enormous financial exposure–we know how to protect your business

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  • We skillfully navigate the California, Federal, and local employment law maze

    Whether you need answers to everyday employment questions, guidance on complicated employee situations, assistance with developing workplace policies, or effective management training, we handle it all.

    We’ll create strategies, policies, and procedures to prevent employment claims and lawsuits.

    Even more, we’ll maximize your chances of success should a claim arise. We’re ready to assist you with:

    • Background checks, pre-employment testing, and drug screening
    • Compliance audits
    • Discipline, performance management, and termination decisions
    • Employment agreements
    • Handbooks and personnel policies
    • Leaves of absence
    • Local ordinance compliance
    • Mergers and acquisitions
    • Mobility and cross-border issues
    • OFCCP compliance and affirmative action plans
    • Pay equity
    • Privacy and social media use
    • Reasonable accommodations
    • Restrictive covenants and protection of trade secrets and other business assets
    • RIFs and reorganizations
    • Wage and hour issues
    • Whistleblower and workplace complaints
    • Workplace training


    We also keep you ahead of the curve on the latest employment law developments—a key to preventing claims. And, we provide your legal and HR teams with timely email alerts on new cases and other trends, plus complimentary webinars on employment law topics.

    For more information, contact Walter Stella

    We proactively solve problems and minimize risk with solutions that meet your unique business objectives

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  • We’re versed in the distinct employment law challenges that emerging companies face 

    From technology to finance and beyond, emerging companies in every sector face unique legal challenges as they grow and evolve. Which is why so many of them trust Miller.

    We’ll provide innovative legal services for your growing company’s employment law needs, and we’re ready to assist you with:

    • Navigating the maze of applicable Federal, state, and local employment laws
    • Negotiating and documenting transactions with executives and key employees
    • Protecting intellectual property rights and important business assets
    • Employing a highly-skilled workforce


    Our services are tailored to meet your immediate and long-term business objectives, while making sure you’re compliant with California employment laws that are particularly challenging for fledgling companies. And, we provide pricing arrangements that fit within your budget.

    For more information, contact Kerry Freeman

    We provide expertise that’s focused on meeting the distinct objectives of new and evolving businesses

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  • We offer a deep bench experienced in resolving the full range of labor relations issues

    The labor landscape is changing. Which is why it’s more important than ever to have access to effective labor relations approaches and best practices, along with seasoned representation that’s versed on the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) and similar state and local laws. 

    Our services include:

    • Formulating strategies to avoid organizing campaigns, and responding when they occur
    • Discharging obligations under the NLRA in business transactions, successors, and relocations
    • Defending you before the NLRB in unfair labor practice and representation cases
    • Negotiating union contracts
    • Arbitrating grievances under a union contract
    • Advising on conducting business in the face of a secondary boycott
    • Responding to strikes and mass picketing


    Whether you’re unionized—or union-free and wish to stay that way—we’re familiar with the labor challenges and issues you’re facing today. And, we’ll provide pragmatic solutions to help you confidently take on tomorrow.

    For more information, contact John H. Feldmann, III or Michele Ballard Miller

    We devise labor relations strategies that are effective and aligned with your business objectives

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