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Posted on January 1, 2017 at 9:00 AM


Nov 2016: Judge Blocks Department of Labor’s New Overtime Rule

Oct 2016: New California Employment Laws for 2017 – And How to Get Ready

Aug 2016: Ninth Circuit Holds Mandatory Class Action Waivers Violate NLRA

July 2016: NLRB Relaxes Requirements for Single User Bargaining Units

Jul 2016: Los Angeles Office Of Wage Standards Issues Rules Implementing New Minimum Wage and Paid Sick Leave Ordinance

Jun 2016: City of Los Angeles Adopts New Minimum Wage and Paid Sick Leave Requirements

May 2016: Supreme Court Rules That Resignation Starts Time Clock to File Title VII Constructive Discharge Claim

Apr 2016: San Francisco Passes Historic Paid Parental Leave Law

Mar 2016: New FEHA Regulations Coming April 1; Update EEO and Anti-Harassment Policies Now


Dec 2015: New California Employment Laws for 2016 – And How to Get Ready

Aug 2015: California Supreme Court Clarifies Interplay Between the Federal Arbitration Act and California Law on Unconscionability

Aug 2015: “Most Workers Are Employees” – The Impact of the New DOL Misclassification Guidance

Jul 2015: California Fixes the Paid Sick Leave Law; Amendments Now in Effect

May 2015: EEOC Launches Digital Charge Pilot Program

May 2015: California Supreme Court Strips Prevailing Employers of Automatic Right to Recoup Costs in FEHA Suits

May 2015: Guide to California's New Paid Sick Leave Law (AB 1522)

Mar 2015: Supreme Court Rules on Pregnancy Accommodations in the Workplace; Impact for Employers

Mar 2015: Updated California Family Rights Act (CFRA) Regulations Will Take Effect on July 1, 2015


Dec 2014: U.S. Supreme Court Says Employers Don’t Have to Pay Workers for Time Spent in Security Screenings; Impact for California Employers

Dec 2014: California DLSE Publishes New Paid Sick Leave Poster and Notice

Oct 2014: Paid Sick Leave Law Becomes Law in California

Aug 2014: Employers Must Reimburse Employees for Costs Associated With Work-Related Cell Phone Use

Jul 2014: San Francisco's New Fair Chance Ordinance: Answers to Employers' Common Questions

Jul 2014: U.S. Supreme Court Invalidates Hundreds of NLRB Decisions in National Labor Relations Board v. Noel Canning, et. al.

Jul 2014: California Supreme Court Says Undocumented Workers Can Pursue FEHA Discrimination Claims, Although Remedies Are Limited

Jun 2014: California Supreme Court Upholds Class Action Waivers In Arbitration Agreements But Exempts PAGA Representative Actions

Jun 2014: California Supreme Court Sets a High(er) Bar for Class Certification in Duran v. U.S. Bank National Association

Jun 2014: San Francisco's Family Friendly Workplace Ordinance: Answers to Employers' Common Questions

Feb 2014: EEOC Attacks Common Separation Agreement Provisions


Oct 2013: California Supreme Court Takes a Narrow View of AT&T Mobility, LLC v. Concepcion

Jun 2013: New Supreme Court Rulings on Title VII: Who’s a “Supervisor” and What’s the Causation Standard for Retaliation Claims?

Jun 2013: Class Action Waivers Vindicated Again by the United States Supreme Court

Jun 2013: New Case Says PAGA Actions Not Barred By Class Action Waivers

Mar 2013: New FMLA Rules Taking Effect – Updated Poster Required Now

Mar 2013: Court Says California Employers Can’t Cap Pregnancy Disability Leaves at Four Months

Feb 2013: The California Supreme Court’s Opinion in Harris v. City of Santa Monica on “Mixed Motive” Discrimination Cases is a Mixed Bag for Employers and Employees


Dec 2012: New Pregnancy Disability Leave Regulations Take Effect December 30

Nov 2012: NLRB Provides Guidance on At-Will Provisions

Nov 2012: New Law Expands Personnel File Inspection and Copying Rights 

Nov 2012: Employee Handbooks: New Developments Highlight Need for 2013 Updates

Sep 2012: New NLRB Decisions Nix Confidentiality and Social Media Policies

Sep 2012: New California Law Clarifies and Expands Religious Accommodation Requirements

Jun 2012: Supreme Court Is Sold On Outside Sales Exemption for Drug Company Reps 

Jun 2012: California Appellate Court Says Class Action Waivers Permissible After Concepcion 

Jun 2012: NLRB Issues Third Report on Social Media Policies 

May 2012: California Supreme Court Holds No Attorneys’ Fees for Prevailing Parties in Meal and Rest Break Suits 

Apr 2012: Brinker: The Implications for Employers 

Apr 2012: Labor Commissioner Updates New Hire Notice Template and FAQs 

Apr 2012: Brinker Has Arrived: The California Supreme Court Issues Its Long-awaited Decision on Meal Periods and Rest Breaks 

Apr 2012: The NLRB Continues to Crack Down on Employer Social Media Policies 

Jan 2012: NLRB Rejects Class Action Waivers and Postpones Workplace Posting Requirement 

Jan 2012: Complying with California’s Wage Theft Prevention Act 

Jan 2012: California Supreme Court Rules on the Administrative Exemption from Overtime 


Dec 2011: New Hire Notice Template Available for California Wage Theft Prevention Act Compliance

Dec 2011: Brinker Decision Delayed; Plus New Wage Rates for 2012

Nov 2011: Courts in California Struggle to Analyze Employment Arbitration Agreements after AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion

Nov 2011: California’s New Wage Theft Prevention Act Takes Effect Soon

Oct 2011: California Governor Signs Important New Employment Laws for 2012

Oct 2011: Brinker Oral Arguments Set, and NLRB Delays Poster Rule

Sep 2011: NLRB Developments Impact Non-Union Workplaces

Aug 2011: California Court Rules that CFRA Reinstatement Rights Don’t Extend Beyond 12 Weeks

Jul 2011: California Supreme Court Extends California’s Overtime Wage Protections to Visiting Workers

May 2011: New Ruling Paves the Way for Class Action Waivers in Arbitration Agreements


Nov 2010: California Court Rules that PAGA Penalties Available for Employer's Failure to Provide "Suitable Seats"

Nov 2010: California Supreme Court Rules on Statute of Limitations for Waiting Time Penalty Claims

Aug 2010: California Supreme Court Says Employees Can't Sue for Labor Code Section 351 Tip Violations

Aug 2010: California Supreme Court Issues Long Awaited "Stray Remarks" Decision

Jun 2010: Supreme Court Rules for Employer in Text Messaging Case

Jun 2010: Miller Law Group Secures Big Win for Employers in California

Jun 2010: Supreme Court Rules on Statute of Limitations for Disparate Impact Charges of Discrimination

Jun 2010: New Workplace Poster Required for Federal Contractors and Subcontractors

Apr 2010: COBRA Subsidy Extended Through May 31, 2010

Mar 2010: What the Health Care Reform Bill Means to Employers

Mar 2010: COBRA Subsidy Extended Through March 31, 2010

Mar 2010: Supreme Court Adopts “Nerve Center” Test for Corporate Citizenship, Helping to Clarify When Multi-State Companies May Remove Lawsuits to Federal Court

Feb 2010: California Kin Care Law Does Not Apply to Unlimited Sick Leave Policies

Feb 2010: California DLSE Shifts Enforcement Regarding Deductions from Exempt Employee Vacation and Sick Leave Banks

Feb 2010: COBRA Subsidy Extended; New Notices Required


Nov 2009: New Law Broadens Coverage of FMLA's Military Family Leave Provisions

Nov 2009: EEOC Issues Guidance on Pandemic Flu and the ADA

Oct 2009: Revised Federal EEO Poster Available

Oct 2009: Single Failure to Accommodate Costs Employer $200,000

Aug 2009: New Supreme Court Rulings on Workplace Privacy, Sexual Harassment

Jul 2009: Decision May Trigger More California “Bounty Hunter” Actions

Jun 2009: E-Verify Delayed; Tip Verdict Overturned

Mar 2009: DOL Publishes Model COBRA Subsidy Notices

Feb 2009: Economic Stimulus Package Creates New COBRA Obligation

Feb 2009: New I-9 Form Delayed; Obama Signs Pro-Labor Executive Orders

Jan 2009: Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act Becomes Law

Jan 2009:New FMLA Rules and E-Verify Compliance Date


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