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Authored by Miller Law Group attorneys on workplace laws and trends.

Are Mandatory Class-Action Waivers Valid in California? (Jan 2017, Bender's California Labor and Employment Bulletin)

Gender Identity and the Workplace -- Steps for Employers (July 2015)

Guide to California's New Paid Sick Leave Law - AB 1522 (May 2015)

Guide to the New California Family Rights Act (CFRA) Regulations (May 2015)

Ditch the Boilerplate: Avoid Drafting Mistakes in Employment Agreements (April 2015) -- Republished with permission from the Association of Corporate Counsel, © 2015. All Rights Reserved. www.acc.com

Employment Law: A 10-Point ADA Checklist (February 2015)

Nationwide "Ban the Box" Trend Comes to a City Near You: San Francisco Adopts Broad Prohibitions on Criminal History Inquiries (April 2014)

Avatars and Social Media: Employment Law Risks and Challenges in the Virtual World (March 2014)

Associational Discrimination: Employers, Be Wary of Making Decisions Based on the Company Your Employees Keep (February 2014)

Fisher v. University of Texas: The Supreme Court's Evolving Stance on Affirmative Action (January 2014)

American Express v. Italian Colors Restaurant and the Future of Class Action Waivers (November 2013)

"In Practice: Harsh Class Arbitration Waivers Still Unconscionable" (November 2013)

"The Young and the Restless: Gen Y'ers in the Workplace! Are You Prepared?" (August 2013)

The Job Description, a DRI Employment Law Committee Newsletter: "Who Keeps the Friends When You Break Up with Your Employer? (June 2013)

In Practice: Vindication of Class Action Waivers (July 2013)

In Practice: Appellate Court Carves out PAGA Exception to ‘Concepcion’ (June 2013)

The Fair Employment and Housing Commission’s Final Act - New Disability Regulations - Is a Not-So-Fond Farewell for Employers (May 2013)

Whose Social Media Account Is it? The Employee's or the Employer's? (January 2013)

The ADA and Mental Disabilities: Emerging Trends and Accommodation Issues (February 2013)

Brinker: The Death Knell for Meal Period and Rest Break Class Actions? (January 2013)

NLRB Clarifies At-Will (December 2012)

Whose friends are they anyway? (November 2012)

Supreme Court Doesn't Buy DOL's Narrow View of the Outside Sales Exemption (August 2012)

Specificity Gets the Nod From NLRB (June 2012)

PAGA Claims and 'Concepcion' (May 2012)

NLRB on Social Media (April 2012)

Second District Creates Conflict in Appellate Procedure (March 2012)

More Wrinkles in the Wage Theft Act (January 2012)

Harris Simplifies Classification (January 2012)

New Compliance Obligations for Businesses (November 2011)

Family Responsibility Cases on the Rise: Best Practices to Avoid a Claim (September 2011)

Timing is Everything Under CFRA (August 2011)

Plaintiffs Score Wage-and-Hour Win (July 2011)

Male Sexual Harassment Claims on the Rise: A 10-Point Checklist for Prevention Training (Summer 2010)

Regulating Employee Internet Activity Off-Site and Out of this World (Summer 2009)

The Latest Developments in the Quickly Changing World of Employment Law and What’s on the Horizon (Summer 2009)

The Reasonable Accommodation Process: A 10-Point Checklist (Spring 2009)

Family Responsibility Discrimination (Winter 2008)






































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